Subject: landscape. Instructor: Duli García

Los Riegos organizes some landscape watercolor workshops and springtime and Redes seem the perfect time and place. Here you have the information of the type course.
Landscapes is one of the most popular pictorial themes among watercolorists, who find in it their greatest source of inspiration. And … what great landscapes can we paint in the Redes Natural Park! This workshop is aimed at those who love nature and watercolor as a form of artistic expression and want to spend an unforgettable weekend in a rural guesthouse, Los Riegos, located in one of the most beautiful places in Asturias.


This workshop mainly deals with the practical side of the watercolor technique. Painting outdoors means finding pictorial equivalents for the real world, not reproducing it down to the smallest detail. Making decisions and choosing what will be incorporated or suppressed, thinking whether to exaggerate a certain characteristic, such as light, or certain spaces…
Of course all these “decisions” can be consulted with the teacher and be discussed at the afternoon meeting.


• Watercolor paper, block or curb on board
• Watercolors box
• Regular brushes
• Water container
• Pen 2HB or 2B
• Eraser
• Rags or blotting paper
• A folding fishing chair would be great
• Photo camera
• Cardboard window of 10x6cm approx.


• Mountain clothing and footwear, impermeable and of shelter


• Location: Redes Natural Park, Asturias
• Theme: Landscape
• Dates: from May 15 to 17, 2015
• Taught by: Duli Garcia
• Level: With minimum knowledge of the technique
• Price:

  • In a double room: 180 €
  • In single use room: € 200
  • Companion (accommodation / meals): € 110
  • Reserve: € 60


• Combines theoretical sessions with practical outputs and comments on the work done.
• Saturday will be picnic lunch.
• Insurance is included for participants.
• Displacements will be walking or in assistants’ cars if needed.
• The workshop runs from Friday late afternoon to Sunday at noon.



• 20:00 Reception
• 21:00 Dinner
• 22:00 Colloquium from three watercolors teachers


• 09:00 Breakfast and departure to the field
• 14:00 Picnic lunch
• 18:00 Return to the Hotel. Review and correction of paintings
• 21:00 Dinner
• 22:00 Exhibition of the works and comments


• 09:00 Breakfast and departure to the countryside
• 13:00 Farewell.