Common Areas

Alojamiento de turismo rural Los Riegos

The house is divided in two different areas. One is the hosts’ home and the other is for the bedrooms and common areas for the guests. On the ground floor, there is a large lounge with fireplace and large windows from which the wide range of colours of the oaks and chestnuts just outside may be contemplated.

We offer our guests a good selection of books about the environment, country guides on wildlife, birds, etc and especially about the Redes Nature Reserve and other protected areas in the rest of Asturias.

Next to the lounge there is a dining room that can also be used to play board games or as a reading room on rainy days. There are also three bedrooms on the ground floor.
By means of an open staircase we can reach the first floor with four more bedrooms opening onto an open sitting area, “la galleria”, an ideal place to relax and enjoy the wonderful landscape of the neighbouring mountains.

When the weather is fine our guests can also sit outside, where, surrounded by magnificent views, they can plan the day’s outing, linger over breakfast, just relax listening to the river or, in autumn, to the “berrea” ( the bellowing of male deer during the mating season). If the typical “orbayu”, a light drizzle, sets in, our porches offer a great place to chat over a drink or read. In hot weather the place to relax is our first floor “galleria” where there is always a soft breeze.

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