The Redes Nature Reserve

rio en PN Redes A_Diego

The Redes Nature Reserve is included in the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. It is located in the central area of the Cantabrian mountain range and includes de districts of Caso and Sobrescobio.

The terrain is abrupt with variations in altitude that range from the 2140 m of Pico Torres to the 350 m where the river Nalon flows in the lowest part of the area. This region is one of the areas of greatest environmental value in the North of the Iberian Peninsula. Nearly 40% is covered with deciduous forests, mainly beech but also birch, chestnuts and oak groves. In these mountains all the distinctive species of the Cantabrian mountain range such as capercaillie, golden eagle, woodpecker, wolf, sable (marten), etc can also be found. Along with these, there are the game species such as chamois, roe deer, deer and wild boar, which make Caso a favourite with hunters.

Although much has been written about the beauty and natural wealth of the area we thought it better to offer a selection of photographs so you can see for yourself. We have also included some links for further information about the region.